Stone Countertop FAQs

We've assembled answers to the most common questions surrounding granite & quartz countertops - read all of our articles to learn about how easy it is to own and maintain stone countertops

Stone Countertop FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

A variety of questions about natural or engineered stone countertops is very common for someone encountering the process of installing stone countertops. So we've assembled answers to some of the most common questions:

How does Pacific Granite measure for countertops? A Measure Technician will perform a laser measure and templating at the project site. This process can be performed with existing countertops in place or with new cabinetry.

How are stone countertops fabricated? We use the latest state of the art CNC  waterjet and routers which are made in the USA by Park Industries to precisely cut each laser measured countertop.  

Simply select one of the articles located on the left side of this page to begin learning more about ordering, installing, and caring for your stone countertops. And, if you still want more answers, simply contact a Pacific Granite location near you!

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